Jennifer Dazzi, “Vampire Cat”

“What are you drawing?” Jennifer Dazzi is curious about her friend drawing. But he has been enduring his own ordeal of the creative drama of writers’ block.

“I don’t know, yet,” Zachary said to Jennifer as she looks at something that she’s entitled to her own opinion.

“OMG, not that, Zack. Pick something else.

“Jennifer, why not that?”

Zack continues to draw as Jennifer stepped onto the planks beneath her feet. Those planks have gaps as wide as a flash drive Zack carries with him. His flash drives are compared to his thumbs.

Jennifer stares at the gaps on the planks that are too narrow for her to slip through. But they would be enough for her to come across something to see how far she would fall through certain cracks in which gravity is no match for her.


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